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The Driver

The driver has all of the information he needs at his fingertips, including pictures of the tank & location, history, notes, dogs, etc. & tank label to scan and enter pre-delivery fuel level, customer info, gate, codes, etc. Printed receipts are generated and the office is updated right then.

The Office

The office is kept up to date in real time of all drivers current locations, progress and fuel delivered. Welcome to FuelCast™! FuelCast™ uses a custom algorithm to predict the level of fuel in a given tank 24/7, with the goal of delivery at 20% full.

The Owner

With our Customer Facing Portal, your website becomes a hub for your customer to sign up, view their balance, usage history & make payments securely online. The system integrates with your favorite accounting software to accomplish alerts for you & your customers and so much more.

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The office has an eagle eye view of each truck, location and their next stop. FuelCast generates recommended delivery schedules and routes, based upon information within your established software preferences. This allows you to have complete control of how you do deliveries for your company.

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All delivery areas that are scheduled for any given day are only a glance away. The software shows both current status and real time updates as soon as deliveries are made. FuelCast also recommends delivery areas, based upon your office preferences.

This algorithm uses a combination of base temp and outside temp to calculate the heating degree day. The K-Factor, Safe Buffer and Near Day forecasting are combined in a way to generate a very accurate level of fuel in any given tank 24/7.

A printed customer receipt is generated and the office is updated in real time when the delivery is completed. The customer can receive the invoice via email, text or a printed copy can be left behind.

Customer Online Portal

Account viewing & fuel ordering

Customer Advantages

Secure online bill pay!

Customer Alerts

Set up fuel & bill pay alerts.